Check Up

Both of my children had pediatric check ups yesterday. Melody had her three year appointment and Owen his four month. Another reminder that my babies are growing up so quickly right before my eyes!  Melody went first. The nurse had her weighed at 26lbs and measured for height at 36inches (finally 3 feet tall!). Her blood pressure was normal at 98/60 this go everything normal there which eases my mind quite a bit!

Melody had her first eye exam. First she was asked to see if she could find the raised pattern in a slide. Once she did that, they then had a blank one and switched them up  a few times to make sure she was still seeing the image in the right one.  Melody noted that the image was an “E” of which it was and that surprised the nurse because no other 3 year old she had seen could decipher the letters on that nor on the eye chart which Melody was also asked to read from. It surprised me too because I assumed most children by the age of 3 knew their ABC’s and numbers!

Melody did well with her eye exam and she was a little disappointed she couldn’t keep the really cool glasses she got to wear for the examination. LOL… I can’t blame her, she really loves sunglasses! She’s doing well over all  despite not rating on the normal percentile chart for average height and weight.

Owen also had a good appointment. He’s growing like a little weed. He’s weighing in at about 15lbs and he’s 25 inches tall. He had his second dose of vaccinations and didn’t react to them at all. He’s like his sister is also pretty advanced in his development which makes mom proud but I wouldn’t mind if babies stayed babies for a little longer. LOL. No doubt he’ll be mobile in a matter of weeks or so. I’ve already began re-baby proofing the house.