Bands On The Run DVD {review}

There’s no doubt that many parents know all about the craze with those stretchy shaped bracelets that are all the rage with kids these days. Well known brands include Silly Bandz, Crazy Bands, & stretchy shapes. My daughter and I think these bands are pretty neat and I’m just pleased with how no matter how pulled or stretched out we’ve made these bracelets that they continue to stay in their original shape! I have no idea how they do it!

We are excited to shed the light on a brand new playful animated movie that features fun bouncy characters created in mind to spread the word about the huge rubber band craze that’s spreading all over the nation called “Bands on The Run”. This film follows the exploits of five novelty rubber bands who find themselves deserted after accidentally falling off the back of a delivery truck. They seem lost until Edison, the brainy light bulb shaped band, blurts out a bright idea – “Follow that truck!” and, together Edison, Roxie (rock star), Daisy (flower), Ray (TV) and Amelia (airplane) – band together to make their way to the toy store and ultimately onto the wrists of happy children! It’s really rather cute!

A bonus is that each DVD includes a set of ten limited edition bands featuring the loveable characters from the movie. My daughter who just turned three really enjoys playing with the bands and thinks it’s pretty neat that they are characters in this title!

Band on The Run is approximately an hour movie and has fun features which include animated storyboards and the “Making of” featurette. Bands on The Run  will be available on May 31st and is retailing for $14.98. If your kids are fans of those stretchy bands, this is one title you’ll want to pick up!

DISCLAIMER: My thoughts are mine own opinion and have not been altered by anyone else. I did not receive any compensation for hosting this giveaway or review other than the sample above mentioned.