Tip Toe Thru the Tulips

Life has been pretty crazy  for the last few months! I had my second child and have been learning how to juggle two kids under the age of three years old. I’ve been learning on how to deal and heal well during the process of my parents divorce  after being married for 28 years of time. It’s not easy…parenthood nor learning how process and live with the hurt …the scar so to speak that separation between a mother and a father brings.

I’ve been angry because it just doesn’t go away like I said. The person that has caused the hurt will always be around and daily I have to learn how to cope with that. I’m so thankful that I have a Lord and Savior to lean into when in times like these. I personally hurt but I have know that my mom and younger sister are going through so much more than me.  And I hate that I am not there but thousands of miles away. Oh how I wish to embrace my sisters and my mother who received such blow from all this.  This is far from over, in fact I’m not seeing an end in sight. Praying praying praying for God to pour out his healing and love like only he can toward my family. I’m daily seeking God in forgiving but oh how hard it is. God is bigger than the problem at hand and He will see us through this. I can’t say how much it helps to express this in words instead of holding it all inside within me. I’ve yet to have a big cry but I know it’s not to far away though I am always trying to stay strong.

On Sunday, it was really nice to get out and do something fun with the family. We headed up to the local tulip field with my in-laws. I’ll have to say just getting out and being surrounded in such beauty that God has created was healing to the soul. It’s really nice that spring has made it’s way to Oregon and that Summer is not far away. I have lots of plans to get out and do things locally with my family. Time slips away so quickly so despite if I am feeling tired, I’m going to get out with my family and friends anyways.

Any little or big things planned for you and your family this Summer?