Seventh Generation Free and Clear Baby Diapers {review}

I exclusively cloth diaper my baby but when we are out and about, I choose to go with disposables. Disposable are so much easier on the go and I’m sure that  most nursery works and family and friends aren’t real fans of having to change cloth.

Being a fan of the Seventh Generation line of cleaning products (they were only ones that didn’t make me throw up during my pregnancy!) and being eco-friendly minded, I figured I would give these diapers a try and am to this date very happy with that decision and I’m going to tell you why!

I’m a real fan of Seventh Generation diapers because they are great for the environment, there are no fragrances, no toxic chemicals, and no design branding or bleaching! These diapers are brown in color and I’m liking the natural look quite a bit compared to others that have cartoon characters on them!

I found these diapers very true to size. My baby boy is 13lbs and these size 2 diapers fit well. I’ve had no problem with leaks, or rashes, and find it very easy to take the diaper off and put it on. Some diapers I’ve used in the past I found that the tab was very hard to pull off and tinker with…not good for those middle of the night diaper changes.

Overall Seventh Generation has a great line of diapers! They may seem a bit expensive for some but the discount with the Amazon Mom subscription makes up for the increased cost. These are great for babies and for the earth!