Our Easter Weekend

We had a really busy but very enjoyable Easter this year. The festivities started on Saturday and we couldn’t have gotten weather any better! It was sunny and warm with no chance of rain whatsoever! My daughter Melody attended her first church Easter Egg Hunt this year! Last year she was a bit young and I ended up just hiding eggs in the living room. This year she acutally got to run free in an open field with other children and gather as many eggs as she could. She seemed to enjoy herself and was really happy that she found a special egg in which she swapped for a prize which was a really cute flower toy! I enjoyed seeing her so happy and was glad to meet and talk with friends while we were there!

We also went for a walk to the park this weekend. It was Owen’s first time ever at the park, I even let him squirm around and my Go Baby Go mat! He was really enjoying looking all around and getting some sunshine too.  Melody and her Daddy were playing with bubbles in which was my daughter’s first time! She’s not quite graceful enough to actually blow them yet. Though it’s pretty amusing to watch her try, I admit. She instead prefers to either shake the bubble wand or to run with her bigger bug shaped bubble wand.

On Easter day we attended church, had a nice lunch at Burgerville ( couldn’t pass up the BOGO Fresh Strawberry Milkshakes), and then later dyed and decorated eggs at home. I had dyed eggs as a kid but never on my own! I vouch that egg dying will probably become an Easter tradition in our household because we all enjoyed it so much! I still have an extra Easter egg dying kit that I might bring out during my daughter’s birthday next month. It’s a pretty neat tie-dye egg set which will make for some pretty psychedelic eggs!

Overall we had a nice Easter holiday weekend! Very memorable and I got some great photos to add to my scrapbook and photo book collection (We might have gone a little over board with the Bunny Ears but I love them!). Next year I’m sure I’ll get to share with my daughter the main reason that we celebrate Easter in which we acknowledge the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ. Her Grandma Becky gave us a board book that talks about it but just about to turn 3 I believe she doesn’t quite grasp the whole concept yet.

So, how was your Easter?