Hexbug Nano Bug Easter Party!

Courtesy of MomSelect, I was able to recently host a Hexbug Nano Easter party to showcase the new limited edition Nano Easter Egg which includes inside a Hexbug Nano available in a variety of colors that comes with a pair of removable bunny ears!

So what is a Hexbug? Basically these little guys are battery operated robotic bugs! The move around in every which away much like real bugs do thanks to vibration in which they output when switched on!

These would be a fun little toy to start collecting for kids of all ages preferably ages 3 and up for safety reasons. Included with each bug is a code in which the owner can register their bug online to learn about science and play fun games! Gotta love toys that are not only fun but educational too!

My husband easily put together one of the Hexbug Habitat sets for the party which you can purchase separately. You can collect them all and make a huge race way for your bugs which is pretty neat!

So how did the kids like them? Well, my kids and their friends were pretty excited about the special addition to the regular Easter eggs this year! They all enjoyed watching and playing with their bugs quite a bit! I found it so cute that my three month old son was quite taken to just watching the bugs skitter and scatter around as well!

A Mom who enjoyed the bugs from our party stated:

The Hexbugs are a hit in our house!  For such a simple design it’s amazing how much they look like real bugs when they’re speeding around.  My 3-year-old daughter thinks they’re the coolest things ever and carries them around in her pocket, letting them out to play now and then.  Oh, and the removable bunny ears are a cute holiday addition.  🙂

Overall we think the Hexbug Nano’s are awesome toys! I am sure kids will love the collect them in a multiple variety of colors with their own special detachable parts and habitats. I think all the different bugs they offer are really cool such as the ant, crab spider, inchworm, and more! Did I mention there’s even glow in the dark ones! These are the only bugs I can pretty much permit in my home! And with that being said, maybe this will keep those rambunctious boys from bringing real ones in!

Disclaimer: I was sent the mentioned products for review. This review is 100% my opinion and has not been edited or reviewed by anyone. I was not compensated in any other way for this product review.