Snappi {review}

If you’re a cloth diapering, there’s a good chance you may have heard someone mention the “Snappi”.  This little fastener is a great reliable and safe way to secure your cloth diapers instead of using pins.

The Snappi fasteners is T shaped and made with a stretchable non-toxic material with grips on each end. They come in numerous colors from your regular white to a rich purple!  There a two sizes avaiable, one for babies and the other for toddlers.

I was able to review a Snappi Fastener for my cloth diapering needs and was very happy with the results I’ve been getting! I’ve been using pre-fold diaper service quality cotton diapers with covers. At first I was just doing the tri-fold with my cloth diapers but since using the Snappi, I’ve began to do the Angel Fold which contains mess a lot  better.

The Snappi is extremely easy to use! And don’t just take my word for it, you can view videos of cloth diapering mom’s using these on Youtube! How a Snappi works is by hooking the teeth into one side of the diaper, stretching the Snappi across and hooking it into the other side, then stretching it down and hooking into the bottom, to secure the diaper in place. Like I said, very easy!

I found out the Snappi was actualy an idea by a Dad who was getting frustrated by changing his own kids diaper. Thus the Snappi fastener was born as an easier solution that will work for everyone! So no more excuse from your husbands in the means to get out of a diaper change!

Overall, I haven’t had any issues with my Snappi (s). That’s right I have a set of four. I think it’s good to have back up just in case one breaks, though I haven’t had any problems so far. In reality you only really need one but having a few more wouldn’t hurt!

Buy it: It’s $3.95 for a Baby Snappi, 4.55 for a Toddler Snappi. And you can purchase a Snappi Cloth Diaper Fasteners – Pack of 3 (Mint color mix) on Amazon for 7.75!

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