Loom Knit Spring Flower Headband {Tutorial}

This head band requires the knowledge of how to do a garter stitch on a loom (knit & purl) as well as a chain cast on, and how to bind off flat panel style.  There are some really helpful videos on how to do this on You Tube if you don’t know how. And if you still need a little help, I plan on posting how to do these basic loom knitting must knows on my blog soon!

Supplies Needed…

  • Knifty Knitter Blue Loom
  • Tapestry Needle
  • Pick Tool
  • Stitch Holder
  • Yarn of choice ( I am using Red Heart Classic)

Decide on the size you want to make…

15in  for 6 months – 1 year,
17in is good for 2T
18in for 3T

For other sizes, measure the circumference of the head and knit a band in that length.

The Process

Step 1. Chain cast on 6 pegs.

Step 2. Row 1. Skip the first peg and knit 5. (always drop the first stitch of every row.)

Step 3. Skip first peg and purl 5. Make sure you always bring the working thread to the middle of the starting peg and the next peg or you won’t have a nice matching edge on each side.

Step 4. Continue the process of Knit and Purl till desired length.  Make sure to always purl from the left to right and knit from the right to the left.

Step 5. Once desired length is reached, you’ll want to remove your stitches and carefully put them on a stitch holder.

Step 6. Turn the panel inside out/reverse it  and put back on the loom. So the side you wear out on your head is now facing inside the loom.

Step 7. Now that you have your headband back on the loom, bring up the first stitches like you would if you were making a brim of a hat.

Step 8. Knit the bottom loops over the top on each peg.

Step 9. Now it’s time to bind off just like you would do for a flat panel.

Step 10. Your headband is now finished! You can make it a little more fancy by adding a flower over the seam  like I did but it’s not required.