Goal For It {review}

I learned quickly after becoming a mom that life can get pretty crazy especially with two little ones! So, how do I keep track of everything that goes on in my own and families life? Well, a lot of the times I write it on my dry erase board or refrigerator notepad (when I can remember to stop by it and fill it out) but lately I’ve been using Goal For It.

I’ve set out to accomplish a lot this year and putting it all down in one place to mark things off is a key. I can see what I’ve already done and that makes me feel great as well as knowing what is still awaiting me!

Goal For It has it in mind to keep its users successful in whatever they do. You can make whatever type of chart you want for yourself or for your kid. For children there are specific  Chore Charts and Behavior Charts you can set up to  help them achieve success whether for your younger kids or teens!

I’m a fan of  all the graphic interfaces for all ages. The kid themes are really fun and quite colorful and I guarantee kids will totally enjoy marking off their charts with cute sticker type graphics!   I also like that the site has where you can set up a kind of type allowance goal where you child can earn points and redeem them for special rewards.

The site has where you can journal, add and send messages to your friends and family that may also be using the website.  I can hardly believe all it’s all free to use!

My daughter is almost three years old and pretty capable of helping around the house. So in a few months, we are going to be setting her up her own personal chore chart! I’m pretty excited about it too!

I highly recommend checking out Goal For It today to further the future success of you and your families life.

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