*Etsy* Baby Bee Haven {review}

Baby Bee Haven makes the most adorable covers for cloth diapering!
I enjoyed quite a bit browsing the selection from busy trucks to little lady bugs just perfect for both boys and girls! How lucky I am considering myself to be able to review a diaper cover of my choice for my bouncing baby boy!

I have a thing for sock monkeys so it’s no surprise that I decided to review the Blue Sock Monkey diaper cover for my son. Currently this cover is one of my favorites in my growing selection.  It has held up fantastically preventing any unwanted leaks during the day or evening hours. And care for the cover itself is super easy of which I am glad, I don’t have all the time in world with two kids under the age of three!

This cover makes changing my baby boy quick! It’s closures are constructed with Aplix (a hook and loop similar to Velro). The edges of the hook side have been bound with a woolly nylon thread to create a smooth non-scratchy surface.  I’m sure in future I may not use this one as much because in past history I had a little one that loved to remove her diaper. If it’s not the case with my son, I’ll stick with covers like these. I’m not a huge fan of snaps because they are hard to fasten with a squirmy little baby!

I really enjoyed getting to learn all about the mom behind Baby Bee Haven through my Etsy “Meet & Greet” questions and hope you do too!

1.) Why did you decide to start doing this on etsy, and how long have you been?

In my etsy shop it says that I’ve been opened since May 2010. However, my first listing was not until February 2011. So I’ve been at this etsy thing for about a month. I’ve been designing and redesigning my covers since I was pregnant with my youngest. So about 3 years. I cloth diapered about half the time ( or a little less) with my oldest, and was determined to use cloth exclusively with my second.  I bought several brands of covers, many of them lovely, some not so, and realized that I could make them just as well or better, and became slightly obsessed with creating the perfect cover, while also making them super cute.  When I got to the point where my first choice from the diaper cover pile was always my covers, I felt compelled to share them with people.  So here I am, selling on etsy. I sell at a few shops locally, but much prefer this. I feel closer to the customer (oddly enough), and I don’t have to pay a high percentage.  The other reason for me to sell on etsy is that I am a stay at home mom during the winter months and only work part time during the growing season, June-October. Also, my husband is deployed for a year, so the busier I am,  the faster the time goes!

2.) What do you enjoy most when creating your product?
I am a bit of a perfectionist, though you would never know it walking into my house on any given day. Being a parent there is no room for perfectionism, there is always something out of order. My house is rarely tidy, the yard is weedy, there is an eternal pile of laundry on the guest bed and the kids always need something, naturally. When I sew, I can channel my inner perfectionist and  I have full control of the outcome (well, much of the time). I enjoy the puzzle part of making the patterns, whether its diapers or dresses or lingerie or bags, Everything I make is my own. I learned to make my own patterns early on, so just making something up comes easier to me than using commercial patterns. I also enjoy shopping for fabric of course!

3.) Apart from creating things what do you do?

I’m a dish washer, clothes launderer, cook, taxi driver and keeper of small things. 😉 Mother of 2 and sole parent for the next 12 months, while hubby is on military deployment. During the growing season May-ish through October-ish I work on an organic flower farm, creating floral arrangements for weddings and also selling at our local farmers market. I keep a very large garden for our family and grandparents and spend alot of time in my head plotting for our own “someday” farm (sustainable agriculture was my major in college).  Another reason I like sewing is that it leaves room for other streams of consciousness, yet I still feel productive and creative. I also enjoy hiking, biking, weight lifting, cooking, food preservation (goes along with keeping a huge garden)  and going for walks in the woods behind our house with the girls.  Oh, yes, and I raise chickens for eggs and meat.

4.) What inspires you?

For the diapers I get inspiration from trips to the fabric store and seeing other peoples work, and I just think cloth diapering is the better choice. There is nothing like a cloth diapered bottom.
For life and living inspiration comes from meeting people and getting to know other characters, especially if they offer a completely different point of view, and put me out of my comfort zone, reminding me how many ways of living there are on this planet.  I spent the better part of my late teens and twenties in random travel and aquainting myself with people and customs I wasn’t immediately (or at all) familiar with, so this is a big part of who I am and how I function.

5.) In 5 years I’d like to be….

So my husband is a helicopter pilot  so this means that change is inevitable and we move to where the work is. As adventurous as I was in my twenties, I really like the idea of never ever moving again. So in 5 years I’d like to be in our forever house or at least on our forever land. Our goal is to build a timber frame/straw bale home powered by solar/wind etc (all dependent on the home site of course). We would like to be as self sufficient as possible. I would like for my farm to be up and running and for the diaper business to be going along smoothly as well.

My Overall Thoughts…

We love Baby Bee Haven diaper covers and will defiently be keeping an eye on what  future designs and pordects will be added to the store in future! If you are interested in purchasing these covers, note that sizes run from xs (6-15lbs) all the way up to extra large (35-45lbs) and are $15.00 each.

**Disclaimer: The product/s mentioned above will be given to me free of charge from the company or PR firm in exchange for being featured on Connected2Christ.