Bari Koral family rock band {review}

About Bari Koral:

“Before entering the world  of children’s music, Bari Koral spent the better part of eight  years touring as a successful folk/pop singer. Bari loved performing, yet, over time, grew tired of life on the road away from her family. Just for fun, she had started performing at the Long Island Children’s Museum near her hometown, writing songs on the fly with thechildren in the audience.The Long Island Children’s Museum awarded Bari a grant based on her children’s songs.  Bari assembled a top-notch band, including esteemed jazz musician Dred Scott on bass and acclaimed Broadway drummer Eric Halvorson on drums. Bari, Dred, and Eric have been performing as the Bari Koral Family Rock Band ever since, making their mark in the children’s music world with chart-topping singles, joyful live performances and most importantly, a strong connection with their youthful fans and families. Bari loves working with children and teaches 15 music and movement classes in NYC each week.”

My daughter Melody really likes  Bari Koral family rock band and their new children’s album, Rock and Roll Garden! Anytime I pop this CD into our player dancing and singing a-long always follows!

We can’t pick just one favorite track all the songs are unique, fun, and very catchy! We absolutely love them all! I honestly have found myself humming the tunes through out the day! All the songs are upbeat and pretty interactive and that’s a plus!

Lately my daughter wants popcorn everyday and I’m attributing the reason to the song “Pop”! One of my own favorite is the song “Colors” which teaches kids about different colors!

Rock and Roll Garden is a great children’s CD.  I know for a fact that it will keep the attention of most children! We can’t wait for her next musical project.

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