Day: March 26, 2011

First Project with my Singer Sewing Machine!

I recently just took a stab at my very first sewing project on my brand new singer sewing machine.  I’ve been wanting to create some memorable keepsake gifts as well as some cute clothes for my children.

This week I put together a easy grab ball for my baby boy! I got the kit for the ball at the Etsy shop Little1Fun. It really wasn’t all to hard to make just a bit time consuming since I have two distractions (a.k.a My children). The kit basically included the pre-cut pieces of fabric and the pattern.  I had to use my own thread, needle, polyfil, and sewing machine.

Now since I have the pattern, I’d love to make another one or two. I’ve been keeping to an outer space theme for my son so I would love to put together a little rocket ship ball. I’m really looking forward to a fabric store run soon!