Thinking again about my future home…

Living with your run of the mill regular carpet my entire life, I know without a doubt that I want hardwood floors in my own home.

Why hardwood floors over carpet? A number of reasons come to my mind at the thought. Number 1, carpet can lead to allergies making it not so great for health. Number 2, carpet doesn’t last quite as long as hardwood floors. Number 3, carpet can get stained super easy especially with little kids around where as you can easily wipe or mop up a mess if you have hardwood floors. Sure you can surface clean carpet but whatever went through the carpet soaked through, I cringe at the thought at whats under my current carpet.

I vacuum two to three times a week and no matter what, at the end of the week my vacuum needs completely cleaned out, as it’s excessively filled with so much dust and dirt it won’t suck anymore. The thought of the last time, if ever that this carpet has been changed is truly a shuddering thought.¬† I’m not a complete germ-a-phobe but I do think about my babies rolling and crawling around on carpet and it freaks me out. I always put a blanket or mat down! I don’t want my babies playing on the dirty floor!

I’m not anti-rug, just anti-carpet. A rug is so much easier to care for than an entire house that’s carpeted. There are some really great rug and floor covering sites online to meet and suit any sort of design style that you may be aiming to indulge yourself in.

I was recently browsing two sites online, one features bamboo mats and the other jute rugs, both unique in their own ways. They both have  really neat textures, colors, and styles! I really had fun looking at them and deciding what I would one day love to have in my own place whether for indoor or outdoor use too!

Want to know the benefits of bamboo and jute rugs? Each site is very informative in letting you know just that. These rugs are made to last a life time!