Read and Share: Stories About Jesus By Gwen Ellis {book review}

Book Description

From the bestselling Read and Share┬« Bible, 13 stories from the life and ministry of Jesus Christ. These time-honored favorites include: The Man Who Ate Locusts, John Baptizes Jesus, Jesus Heals a Sick Boy, Jesus Brings a Girl Back to Life, Jesus Walks on Water, Jesus Loves the Children, Zacchaeus, A Blind Man Sees Again, Jesus Stops a Storm, One Lost Sheep, Jesus’ Best Friends, One Man Says Thank You, and Jesus Goes to Heaven.

Our Thoughts…

Read and Share: Stories About Jesus By Gwen Ellis is a wonderful book to share with your children! This book features thirteen well known stories about the life and ministry of Jesus Christ in a simple format that’s easy to understand for young minds but without taking away from the story. I’ve seen a lot of books that simply the stories way too much and am very happy that’s not the case with this book.

The illustrations done by illustrator by Steve Smallman are cheerful and welcoming. I think he portrays a visual to the story being told to the children in a great way.

Each story is presented on a a two page spread, the title is featured followed by scripture reference, and a short write up of the story. I really like that at the end of each story the author includes a question that you can ask your children about the story previously read such as “If you were one of the children who got to meet Jesus, what would you say to Him?”.

I’m loving the fact this a book I can read to both my children ages almost three and about a month old. I welcome the board book format of this book as this is why I can sit and read it to both my kids. I don’t have to worry about my baby boy or my little girl being too rough with the book. No torn pages here!

Overall this a great board book for little ones. This can be incorporated into a weekly devotion for your kids! I highly recommend picking this one up for your toddler & preschooler as it might be to simple for children any older than that!

Disclaimer: I received a free copy of Read and Share: Stories About Jesus By Gwen Ellis from BookSneeze/Thomas Nelson Publisher for this review.