Read and Share Bible {review}

The Read and Share Bible is the perfect way to share the amazing joy and wonder of God’s Word with the children in your life. Features include more than 200 beloved Bible stories, bold, bright illustrations, a discussion starter with each story, and so much more. The Read and Share Bible makes it easy for you to create long-lasting memories as you encourage a love for reading God’s Word.

My family and I are huge fans of the collection of Read and Share Bible books available! They are perfect for introducing the Word of God to children without being too wordy or confusing. They add just enough of many popular stories to get the point across. As a parent, I really appreciate the simplicity.

The Read and Share Bible itself offers more than 200 Bible Stories. The illustrations are eye catching and display a scene from each story perfectly. Every story in this collection also features a discussion starter to get the ball rolling and encourage young minds to really think about what was just read. I love it!

I’ve been reading this Bible to my daughter Melody whom is almost three years old. It’s great because when I read now she’s asks questions about the stories and often asks me to read it again. It’s great to see her learning about God through this Bible! I would encourage everyone to pick up a copy of this fantastic Bible. I’m sure you’ll love it just as much as the children it’s being read to!

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