Let There Be Light!

I have lots of plans for how I would like for my home to look. I find it awfully satisfying looking through magazines, watching design shows, and browsing the local stores for things that would make my house a bit more homey and bit more me. It’s fun to plan for the future! Currently I’m living a duplex with my family and though I know it’s not my own, I still would like to make it more of my own place while we are here.

Anyone knows whether you live in an apartment or duplex, you are going to have to deal with lighting. In our last place the only rooms that had lighting was the bathroom & kitchen. Yes, it’s a dilemma. We had to settle with purchasing what we could afford in the lamp department at the time. We are now doing better financially so I am looking to find those lamps another home and seeing what else there is out there to make my living space much more spacious.

There’s currently an eye sore in my kitchen. It may not bug others, but it currently bugs me. What is it you ask? Well, there’s a very undesirable lighting fixture that hangs in my dining area. It’s basically a giant round light encircled in a white cage type lighting fixture. It may have been tasteful and popping in the 70’s but currently it sits there lacking any sort of style, personality, and flavor.

I recently came across two great websites that sell elegant and chic lamps of all styles from floor lamps to table lamps! I rather enjoyed browsing the easy to navigate sites. I can  now say I have a better idea of the kind of lamps I would like to decorate my home with. The 1001 lamp business is a small family owned business that offers the best in products and customer satisfaction! I found the price range on the lamps very reasonable and shipping is free within the USA and Canada!  Definitely check their site out of you are looking to improve the look and feel of your own home with lamps that most suits you.