Belated Birthday Present Surprise!

For my birthday last month, I got cake and that was that. I wasn’t expecting more because we are working hard to get out of debt as soon as we can. You can imagine my surprise yesterday when my husband presented me with the Whitmor 6054-268 Supreme Bakers Rack, Chrome and Wood that I had added to my Amazon wish list!

I am so happy to now have a better place to store some of my appliances, pots & pans, marble slab & rolling pin, and bamboo utensils and cutting boards. My husband had this rack up in about 10-15 minutes flat! It’s very sturdy and quite appealing to the eye if do say so myself.  I like that I can use the top area as cutting board/prep area if  I chose too. This rack has freed up so much cabinet and counter space, it holds so much! I’m very thrilled to have it! It completely improves the look and feel of my kitchen. And now I am one step closer to getting my kitchen organized the way I want it to be. Very happy wife over here!