A Recap of Valentine’s Day 2011

Valentine’s Day was celebrated for us over the weekend and we also had some yummy food on the 14th.
I know most couples go out to celebrate the holiday but since we have two little ones under the age of three that isn’t always easy to do. We quite enjoyed spending time together at home playing games, watching movies, and cooking some great meals together.

The cat figurine above was given to me by my husband in memory of my cat Bailey. Bailey was a dear sweet cat of mine that sadly passed away after someone poisoned him with anti-freeze. I had Bailey since he was born. I acutally got to witness his birth. He was a great cat and had a fun personality as he acted more like a dog than a feline. The figurine was a thoughtful gift.

The photos below are of the great food we partook in to celebrate our love for life and our love for each other. If you are interested in Salmon recipe it’s listed HERE on my recipe blog.