The Last Day of the First Month of 2011

How are those New Years Goals looking? I’m actually pretty impressed with the amount I was able to accomplish this month! I’ve been slowly going through things in my house and making a massive goal to organize and purge things from the garage in March since I am still recovering from having my son on the 9th.

I’d like to continue to go through my kitchen and start getting rid of all the pots and pans we got when I first got married. I’ve been saving a bit of my money so I can either have all cast-iron as well as some stainless steel ones. I really want to purge things from the plastic cabinet as well… it’s total chaos down in that cabinet and it need not be.  I’m partially blaming the design of the cabinet too as it goes way back to where you can’t reach because there’s a dishwasher there…total design fail!

I’ve also been going through my book collection and deciding what books I’m going to take up to a local bookstore that will swap for either store credit or money! I’m more partial to the money right now as I would love to get an e-reader this year sometime…preferably a Kindle.

Someone asked me if I was going to be going through baby clothes to get rid of. I’m actually saving my baby clothes as I do plan on having more kids. I’m thinking four is a good number. I do intend on going through some of my own clothes since our church rummage sell will be coming up in around a month or so.

Over the past few weeks, I’ve been backing up photos and organizing them into new folders set for creating photo books and folders for those I want to order prints of. If you let those photos get away from you, you’ll have more work than you set out to do and lose a lot of time when working on those albums and photos books…especially if you are anything like me and take tons of photos!

I’ve ordered a set of birth announcements since I had a free gift code.I have a photo book of my daughter birth to age 1 1/2 arriving soon in the mail.I organized all my January 2011 photos and they are ready to be added into a photo book and ordered!  I’ll start making just family books instead of books of each child which would be more work than necessary. So a look into 2010 family book will need to be created!

I’ll put together Owen’s birth to 1 month book within the next week.  I do plan on doing a birth to a year book for Owen though… I figure it’ll be easier to do if I keep my favorite photos of him each month in a certain folder instead of digging through the hundreds I manage to take.

Busy busy busy over here… How are your new years goals going? Did you do anything you are extra proud of this month or at least glad to have got started on?