Temba and the Dream Giver by: Pam van der Merwe {book review}

Temba and the Dream Giver
written by Pam van der Merwe
ISBN: 1935265512
Retail Price: $9.99

Book Description….

Temba is a boy who has many dreams. Owning a bicycle, and living in a safe neighborhood are two of his dreams. Temba’s favorite dream is to visit the ocean. He longs to hear the sound of the crashing waves and to taste the salty water. One day he enters a contest. The prize is a trip to the seaside by train! Temba believes in the Dream Giver; but as with any dream, he learns that obstacles may arise that threaten to steal a dream away.

My Thoughts…

Temba and the Dream Giver is a children’s book that is geared toward teaching kids to never give up on their dreams and to not lose heart when obstacles arise.  The Dream Giver in this book I’m guessing is portrayed as God but I really wish that was a little more clear.  I also had hoped to at least find scriptural verses since this book is published under a christian label so I was surprised to not have found any referenced. Over all this isn’t a bad book, the message is pretty clear “Dreams Can Come True”.

I would say this book is best geared toward children ages five years old and up. I would recommend picking up this one if you are looking for straight to the point character building story to share with your kids. Also I recommend being prepared to answer whatever questions your kids may have about who the Dream Giver is and about learning that sometimes things that they may really want for themselves may not always come to pass in which I really had hoped could’ve been addressed in this book.

Disclaimer: I received a free copy of Temba and the Dream Giver by: Pam van der Merwe  from Bring it On Communications for this review.