Spirit Blade SE Audio Drama {Guest Review by Justin Lowmaster}

Spirit Blade SE Audio Drama Review by Justin Lowmaster

Spirit Blade: Special Edition is an audio drama from Spirit Blade Productions and is written by Paeter Frandsen. I did a review of their Pilgrim’s Progress audio drama in the past.

I enjoyed this project. It has some of my favorite things.

  • A futuristic setting
  • Hope is a dystopia
  • Sword fights with demons
  • Electronic music

Spirit Blade tells the tale of a musician who feels that down inside, something is wrong with the world, that there is more than meet the eye, and more than ‘the man’ is wanting everyone to believe. Deeper still, things get hairy when he discovers who ‘the man’ really is.

Most of the story is traditional audio drama, and the dialog and acting is well done. I don’t recall any of the faux paws some audio dramas have, such as “Look at that robot that is 50 feet tall, made of a shiny silver metal and is pulling that building apart by taking handfuls of bricks and tossing them into the bay!” or otherwise overly dramatized exposition. The other way the story is told is through music. Spirit Blade is unapologetically a musical. Some of the songs are ‘regular’ songs as in they are a song written by one of the characters while most are just people breaking into song as happens in musicals.

The music has a dark industrial feel to it and it’s good that all the songs have a general tone, but in some way they are also a bit too similar. Kind of like a CD with all goods songs, but they start to all sound the same near the end of the CD. One of the songs sounds like the intro to a Saturday morning cartoon from the 80s as well … I really don’t know if that is good or bad. Perhaps it qualifies as a ‘guilty pleasure’. Overall though, the music is good and should be a reason to give Spirit Blade a listen, unless you hate musicals on the basis that they are musicals.

There are religious themes woven deep into the story of Spirit Blade, but they don’t feel preachy. Being a Christian, I am probably overly critical of religious themed material. Nothing bugs me more than preachy, scripture drenched dialog. I know lots of Christians, and almost none of them quote Bible verses every other line of speech. This production gets a thumbs up from me because I think even someone with different religious beliefs could listen without being so annoyed they’d turn it off.

If you happen to have heard the original Spirit Blade, know that this Special Edition is remastered and has a far higher audio quality than the original. I have not heard the original, but I have heard the comparison promo (mp3 link) and the difference is incredibly noticeable. If you enjoyed the first, you might want to give this version a try. If you are new to the project, then now is a great time to listen.

I enjoyed Spirit Blade quite a bit and if you enjoy supernatural in your sci-fi, battles with dark powers, and music, then you will probably like Spirit Blade.

There’s also a regular promo for the project.

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