Owen’s Baby Shower…hours before I went into Labor!

My friend Lindsey threw me a baby shower for my son Owen! I was so happy and very surprised as I wasn’t really expecting a baby shower this go around. I can look back at this day and laugh… why? Well, this baby shower was just hours before Owen would be making his debut! I guess you can say since I’ve been sticking to an outer space theme that this was the launch party!  This party couldn’t have come at a better time though. I was growing anxious for the arrival of my son with 3 days till his due date and it really helped me relax as I had been mildly stressed out with some other pressing issues.

I got some really cute and useful gifts for Owen! I was so happy my friend respected me in not getting me baby clothes as I was blessed with many beforehand. I received some great handmade gifts ( burp cloths, pee pee tepees, & a crinkle toy) as well as some really useful ones like diapers, blankets, booties, and an adorable cart cover to name a few things. I am very appreciative and quite happy to have had a special shower for my son with my good friends as I know many people don’t usually have a shower put on for them after their first child!