39 Weeks Pregnant

39 Weeks pregnant and counting! I can’t believe I’m here day 273 with one week to go till baby Owen’s due date. I was really hoping he’d be here a little sooner but I honestly can’t make too much fuss because I’ve been having some fantastic “progress” this past week!

So I went in for my regular scheduled OB GYN appointment yesterday and he let me know that I’m 3cm dilated and nearly 100% effaced. We went ahead and scheduled the baby to be induced on his due date next week on the 12th but I think we all rightly believe that I’ll be holding my son in my arms before then.

Last night to date, I was so sure we’d be making our hospital trip and that the baby would’ve already been born. I was having intensely painful contractions that were 7-8 minutes apart. These contractions went on from 4pm-midnight and then just stopped. I wasn’t not thrilled. Yes, they hurt… but to get me worked up and to just stop was a disappointment.

Minimal contractions today but the plus side is that I lost my Mucus Plug.  I am pretty sure I didn’t lose that last time till I was in labor with my first born. It was yellowish in color and resembled what I’ve been coughing out my throat for the past week from my previous cold. Sorry for the visual but it was slightly fascinating and hey it’s progress. Progress makes me happy.

Well as the baby could come any day now,  I wanted to let my readers know I might not be able to post quite so much. I will get baby photos up and an update when I can though 🙂