Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas Baby in Box mousepadTwas the day before Christmas and all through my house not giggles and laughter but sadness and spouts of sneezing an coughing. Sadly, my husband and daughter are sick with colds so I’m not sure how tomorrow is going to run. I am pondering waiting on presents and company until maybe Sunday if everyone is feeling better. I’ve so far been spared from the sickness and colds that have been going around lately but I’m being very careful with around two weeks and few days till Owen’s due date.  This mommy is getting plenty of rest and taking her vitamins! I can’t imagine giving birth with a cold present in my system.

Plans change, things fail! I am wondering what to serve up the next few days. The husband was to go grocery shopping today for groceries but not sure he feels well enough.  Tomorrow we were to have a pizza and a side salad for Christmas along with cake and cookies but I think that might have to change.

I’m counting my blessing and praying my family well. I hope everyone else has a wonderful Christmas & a great New Years Day. And if you could, say a little prayer for the Lowmasters today as I would very much appreciate it.