Christmas Cards…

Yesterday I finished sending all my Christmas cards out for the season. It wasn’t that overwhelming since I had a list saved into my Google Documents that I’ve used every year since I’ve been married. It’s nice to have something saved such as that because I don’t have to hunt down addresses unless I’m aware that someone has moved.  I figured it was best to send my cards out sooner because my family has moved since last Christmas of last year.

Other things that can make card sending faster and easier would be to print out to and from labels from your own home printer or most places online offer that feature for a minimal price and sometimes you can add it to your card order for free.  If you are more a fan of writing a yearly update letter, I would suggest including photos and mentioning memorable things you’ve done through out the year. I haven’t written a letter like that personally but I plan to next year!

When do you typically send cards out and what type do you prefer to send and receive?