Cookie Decorating Fun!

Tis the season for baking delicious cookies! I’ve been making Gingerbread cookies for every year since I’ve been married and have officially incorporated it into a traditional thing to do around the Holiday season. There’s nothing more fun that making incredibly cute cookies with my ever growing collection of cookies cutters! I have cookie cutters from Target, Ikea, Wal *Mart, and more. This year we added a set of three new cookies cutters that are in the shape of Ninjas. How fun is that? I figured it was suitable because ninjas are very cool, I have a husband that loves ninjas, and a little boy on the way that I know is going to have fun with the leet ninja cutters around the holidays.

The frosting process of my cookies was a little crazy this year, I’ve definitely done better. Despite their looks, my daughter and I still had a lot of fun decorating! With only a few days left, we plan on making sugar cookies before Christmas. We tend to like to sprinkle those with different colors of sugars of red and green. It’s great to be making memories with something as simple in life like making, baking, and decorating tasty cookies.