An Evening Out…

This year will officially mark the first time that I’ve ever attended a work Christmas Party with my spouse.  Sometimes we see on television and hear through the grapevine that these sort of things can be really crazy and off the wall at times. The experience was acutally not bad for us at all.

This night out might actually be the fourth time since we’ve had our first child that we’ve been out together without the kids. Technically I’m carrying the second baby so we weren’t entirely alone but we don’t have to chase that one around yet. We love our kids but sometimes it’s nice to get a little break from them every once in awhile. Of course even when being out we’ll constantly be thinking and wondering how they are doing with their sitters but I believe it’s good for them and for us to be out without them every once in awhile.

We enjoyed our evening out, had a delicious meal, delightful desserts, and I enjoyed wandering about the fancy hotel in where the party was hosted. The view of the city was very calming and enjoyable.  I attempted to enjoy the evening as much as possible despite the not so fun parts about being pregnant in the third trimester. I was glad to have found a comfortable couch in a not crowded beautifully decorated area to relax on.  It’s been super important for me lately to tell and even force myself to just sit and relax which hasn’t been the easiest thing with all the nesting & cleaning  instincts along with making plans for the upcoming holiday.