35 Weeks Pregnant

Thirty Five weeks pregnant, the official last week of being eight months pregnant this go around. It’s hard to believe just next week I’ll be in my ninth month of pregnancy. I know I’ve said it before but I’ll say it again, Time Is Flying!

I had my 34 week (though I am technically thirty five weeks pregnant today) OB GYN appointment this afternoon.  Great news, Owen is Low and Ready to Go! He is totally facing the right way to come out. And with his drop, I’m finally able to eat a little more at one sitting and my heartburn has subsided a bit. The down side is that I seriously feel like he’s going to fall out, my bladder has intense pressure even if I don’t have to go, and my back pain hasn’t been that great to deal with.

Getting comfortable lately is a challenge! I can’t even sit on the couch alone and be comfortable without shoving a few pillows behind my back and sides.  My favorite position is going to have to be laying on either my right or left side. No other position has wielded me much comfort at all. Oh yeah and about sitting on the couch, it’s extremely hard for me to get up on my own….thank God for the times my husband is home to help me up to the bathroom… behold my future when I’m an old lady.

So right now, I’m jealous of those people who are this far along in their pregnancy and having the time of their lives. Oh what I wouldn’t give to have no trouble at all at night sleeping , to always look perfect untouched by the aches and pains, and have that special so called pregnancy lady glow. haha… I know I am ranting but at times when I am uncomfortable, sore and tired I just have to be a little envious.

…with all that being said, I know soon I’ll be able to hold my little boy in my arms. That moment I am looking forward to most of all…that &  to regain control of my own bladder. I’m glad my Doctor is giving me the hope that I’ll possibly deliver this month. That would be a true blessing and great Christmas gift for this mommy.