The Cookie Thief…

Over the weekend I made a batch of chocolate chip cookies and Melody couldn’t help herself but to have some before they were done. I walked out of the room for a minute or so and when I returned I found my daughter, chair pushed up against the counter happily eating away at the raw cookie dough that was yet to go in the oven.

I scolded her before I took the photos, and she most definitely knew she was in trouble. I would hope this wouldn’t happen again but I know better than that. She’s at the age where she thinks she can start outsmarting us! For instance, we tell her she can have dessert when she finishes something else in her plate at supper time. Then we find her saying she’s finished with it though we know she hid it where she didn’t’ think we could see it. Such a silly goose. No one has to teach your kid to do these sorts of things, they just pick it up on there own.

I recall as child swiping cookies, getting into my mom’s make-up, and also my older sisters things.  I had a little red stool which read ” This Little Stool is Mine, I use it all the time, to reach the things I couldn’t and lots of things shouldn’t. Proof everyone is born with a sin nature and that we need the grace of God no doubt.

How about you, do you have any parenting stories similar to this one?