The Baby Bible Christmas Storybook {book review}

I want the reading of the Christmas story to be one of my family traditions for years and years to come and to know that there is a simplified version like the The Baby Bible Christmas Storybook brings me great joy!

The Baby Bible Christmas Storybook written by Robin Currie and illustrated by Constanze Basaluzzo is wonderful hardcover storybook that incorporates simple actions and activities in bringing the story alive to young babies and toddlers.

On each spread in the book you’ll find one side with a Bible verse from either the book of Matthew or Luke, a simplified version of those verses, and a short prayer.  On the second page, you’ll find a very colorful and eye catching illustration pertaining to the verses mentioned.

I will admit I wasn’t sure at first at what I thought of this book because I wasn’t quite used to seeing incorporating action text after each paraphrase of the mentioned scripture verse in any other type of book before. But I  have grown to welcome it in helping it’s reader keep the attention of children who have very short attention spans when it comes to listening to stories.

Though Christmas is a little over a month away, I’ve  started reading through this book with my two year old and she seems to really be enjoying it! As I read she excitedly points out people and animals in each of the illustrations and we talk about them.  After we read the story, we’ve been singing Christmas Carols too per suggestions in the back of the book!

I would recommend this book to parents and grandparents alike that are looking for a fun interactive book for younger children. It’s a great way to begin to teach the story of Christ’s birth during the Holiday season.

You can find The Baby Bible Christmas Storybook on Christian book for just 7.99 as well as many other titles in this current series!

Disclaimer: My thoughts are mine  own opinion and have not been altered by anyone else.B&B Media group were kind enough to send me a copy for reviewing through their blogger book review program.