Dria Covers | Discreet and Comfortable Nursing

If you are a mother that nurses her baby or if you’re considering it, you should definitely check out the DRIA which stands for Discrete Reliable Infant Accessory! Clever name, no?

This nursing cover is different from any other I’ve seen on the market and already having nursed my first child with a hit and miss satisfaction of covers, I’ve really got my eye on using this one with my second baby due this January.

The DRIA Cover is a kind of a all-in-one as it’s a a beautiful fashion poncho for pregnant moms, that doubles as a versatile baby cover for your  carseats and strollers.

I like the fact that you can wear this cover as a stylish poncho! How nice to not have to dig through a diaper bag and find a covering while dealing with a hungry and probably a little fussy baby! The styles offered are very cute and there’s totally something there for everyone.

The material these covers are made from are light weight, stretchy, and allow for temperature control so as not to overheat you or your baby whether you be nursing or chose to cover your car seat or stroller with the DRIA.

For more information and styles, visit www.DriaCover.com Prices vary according to style.

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