30 1/2 Weeks Pregnant

30 weeks pregnant! The clock is ticking and I’m becoming more  excited! I’m not quite counting the days yet till my little bundle of blue arrives but most certainly counting the weeks!

How have I been feeling lately? Better.  I can at least  say I’m feeling a little bit better now. Last week I went in for my gestational diabetes test and I passed that with flying colors.  I on the other hand  was shown to be quite anemic from my blood test. Where a normal level is 12, I was a 6 and have since been following my Doctor’s orders of getting plenty of rest and taking iron supplements.  Iron supplements are easy to take but getting plenty of rest with a very energetic two year old around isn’t always the easiest thing. So I’ve been pushing more off my plate of things to do so as to maintain energy through out the rest of my pregnancy.  I sometimes forget I am pregnant in my 3rd trimester and still try to do it all!

I’ve been getting more rest, eliminating going out much, and cutting back on my blogging. Blogging is more time consuming than most people would think it is and going out totally takes a lot of energy! This week was a little rocky for me as my toddler caught yet another cold, her third this season in fact. Sickness as in flu, common cold, and many other things are starting to float about and we are trying to stay as well as we can be eating well and getting plenty of rest.

I’ve already started seeing my Doctor every two weeks and shortly it will be every week. I can hardly believe time is passing so quickly. I’m not ready for the Holidays but getting pretty close to being fully prepared for baby to get here. I’m thinking in a few weeks it’ll be a good idea to pack that hospital bag.