The Okee Dokee Brothers – Take It Outside {Children’s Music Review}

The Okee Dokee Brothers
Take It Outside
Great for Ages: 2 – 9 yrs.
Okee Dokee Music
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I love keeping track of children’s musicians and was pretty happy when I first heard of the Okee Dokee Brothers. A few months ago they released their second album of which I’ll be reviewing today called “Take it Outside, which is also a  Fall 2010 Audio Award winner chosen by the Parents’ Choice Foundation.

The Okee Dokee Brothers are a couple of singer song writers with a love for bringing their ever so witty, off the wall styled humor mixed with folk to every member of the family.

My family and I are fans of Take it Outside! We love how the accompanying instruments of fiddles, piano, banjo, guitar, horns and percussion-acoustic and electric are all tied together to bring together such happy sounding music tied together with some really great lyrics!

There are 13 songs on this album and some of our favorites include “Hero”, “Wash Your Face“, and “The Naked Truth”! After hearing this CD we are totally going to be looking into purchasing their first album Kids With Beards, which was voted  Top Twenty Kids Album of 2008 on the Fids and Kamily Poll.

You can look for their albums on Amazon, CDBaby and The Pokey Pup.

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Disclaimer: This review was made possible by Sugar Mountain PR and The Okee Dokee Brothers. I received a free copy of  The Okee Dokee Brothers – Take It Outside for this review.