Goodbye Second Trimester and Hello Third…

The questions I’ve been asking myself lately…How am I already seven months pregnant? Have I really already reached my third trimester? Will I honestly get to deliver my little boy and look into his eyes for the first time in as little as 8-10 weeks? He’s due January 12th but I have a feeling he’ll be coming sooner.

Am I the only one thinking this year is starting to take off rather quickly to the start of 2011? It always tends to feel that way around the Holidays, I think. People get a lot busier and instead of relaxing a bit like we should, we are rushed to take advantage of every little minute we can get our hands on.

I’ve been doing okay during this pregnancy. Keeping up with my two year old daughter has been keeping me on my toes for sure. The lack of sleep last week about pushed me over the edge but that’s another blog post that I’m excited to say will be written next week. It’ll mention the ease of my daughter finally sleeping in her own big girl bed at night which has made me extremely happy.

Owen… What can I say? He’s constantly responding to me when I talk to him and he really does make a point to get my attention. He’s a very active little boy. Honestly people weren’t kidding when they said with your second child, you’ll literally feel like they are going to fall out! I ponder how much harder the next few weeks are going to be with him in there.

Things this pregnancy I could do without is the ever present heart burn, the almost constant back pain, the randomly occurring braxton hick contractions, the fatigue, and the extra weight gain to unwanted places. Pregnancy is totally a journey and it’s a lot of hard work. The finish line is closing in and I reminded daily of why I am enduring all of this. God never gives me more than I can handle and I’m glad He reminds me of that.