Tummy Tub {review}

My Daughter's First Bath not in a Tummy TubHaving a child that is now two years old and another one on the way, I  consider myself a mom that is in the know about lots of products for babies to toddlers on the market.I’ll be reviewing the Tummy Tub today, a product I would have loved to know about and owned back when my daughter Melody was born.

First and foremost, bath experiences for your baby should not be upsetting or traumatizing in any way. This brings me to remembering the first few baths given to my daughter once we were home from the hospital. I had purchased one of those long bath tubs that’s a massive space hog because I didn’t know any different and that’s what was available to me in the stores I shopped at.

My daughter would end up crying for her entire bath and be completely freezing no matter how quickly and much I tried to keep warm water on her. Also when she got a little bigger but not quite able to sit up on her own yet, she would end up getting bruises on her back from lift that was in the tub I purchased. I was not happy with that at all and neither was she as you can tell from the photo on the right.

Now with that being stated, let me list just a few of the reasons I love the Tummy Tub so much.

Tummy Tub Benefits

  • Womb-like bathing experience relaxes and reassures baby
  • Stress free bathing for both baby and parent
  • Helps with colic and gas
  • Saves space & water
  • Made of environmentally friendly materials and can totally be recycled when done using.
  • Less surface area of water – temperature stays warmer for longer time
  • You can use the Tummy Tub for children up to age three and 35lbs
  • It’s a comfortable design that doesn’t have any sharp or odd edges

My second child hasn’t been born quite yet and with that being said, I have only been able to test and review the Tummy Tub with my two year old daughter. Before I received this tub, I was skeptical if she would even fit but low and behold she does and absolutely loves her bath times even more! ( see the photo on the left)

I like that I can sit over the side of the bathtub and easily wash my child without bending over uncomfortably or kneeling on the floor, very helpful to a very pregnant mommy with an already achy back I might add. Though if wanting to wash your baby elsewhere, you could easily purchase the stool accessory also available on the Tummy Tub website which also doubles as a toddler step stool.

I’ve been using the Tummy Tub for about a week now and have had no issues with it whatsoever.  Will I use this with my newborn? You can bet that I will though I will be careful because bathing a newborn baby in a sitting position can be a little tricky with them not being able to support their own head quite yet. I will note the more I have used this tub, the more comfortable I have gotten using it.

I highly recommend the Tummy Tub to all mothers. I found it decently priced at 39.95 which is only a few more dollars than some of the other tubs found in most stores  for babies. Now if only they had something like this for adults?

FTC Compliant Review Policy: The product(s) featured in this review were provided free of cost to me by the manufacturer or representing PR agency for the sole purpose of product testing. Opinions expressed are my own and are NOT influenced by monetary compensation.