Scholastic Scholastic Storybook Treasures: Buy Goodnight Moon …And More Great Bedtime Stories at Amazon Goodnight Moon …And More Great Bedtime Stories {DVD Review}

This summer, the Scholastic Storybook Treasures™DVD series, which has won more awards than any other contemporary children’s video brand, will launch a new line of DVDs designed to teach early sign language skills to preschool children. Featuring beautiful productions of some of the most recognizable children’s books of all time, this new series offers a groundbreaking approach to learning sign language and helping kids of all hearing abilities to gain literacy and pre-reading skills.

Building on the enormously popular trend of babies learning to communicate by sign language, this new ASL series helps build brain power and literacy skills in children ages 3 to 6.  Studies point to increased language acquisition capability when children learn sign language at an early age, and educators recommend sign language to help any child build fine motor skills.  And to assist with these skills, each of these new DVDs has been created to enhance sign language learning, with vocabulary sections and an interactive quiz on each story to build comprehension skills.  Each DVDs also feature ASL fingerspelling.

Goodnight Moon:  Faithfully adapted from the original book and featuring a beautiful musical score, the most beloved bedtime story of all is brought to life on DVD.

A Creature Was Stirring:  Seen through the eyes of a child, this new adaption of the classic Christmas poem will inspire viewers of all ages to believe.

Gladys Goes Out to Lunch:  Go on an adventure with Gladys the Gorilla as she smells something delicious and leaves the zoo to find out what it is.

Our Thoughts

My daughter Melody  really enjoyed this DVD collection and am thinking she liked it a lot because she got to see one of her favorite story books “Goodnight Moon” on the TV.  I found it quite interesting that my daughter started to mimic the sign language she was seeing from the story interpreter almost right away after the movie started playing!

Normally I would not put a DVD on for my daughter before bedtime but this one is an exception. The stories put together on this collection are perfect for creating a calming environment.

I would highly recommend this collection it’s perfect for children ages 2-9, whether your child already knows sign language or you are wanting to introduce them to it.  I love these dvds because not only the sign language you will be interesting your child to but also the much loved read a long option!

Disclaimer: Thanks Sugar Mountain PR(Beth) for providing a free copy of  Scholastic Storybook Treasures: Goodnight Moon for this review.