Paper Plate Autumn Wreath Project

Looking for an easy to make craft to do with your toddler?
How about trying to make an Paper Plate Autumn Wreath
like my daughter Melody and I did over the weekend?

What You’ll Need:

1 Paper Plate
1 Yellow Crayon or whatever colors you want to use
Red, Yellow, & Orange Construction Paper ( also you can use other colors too)
Scissors, Glue, Patience, and more than willing Toddler!

Step #1

Take a Paper Plate and Have your child color it what color (s) you or they choose. We went with a yellow and my daughter had a lot of fun doing that.

Step #2

Find a variety of leaf patterns or draw your own to cut out to use on the wreath. I found some great ones to print out here or I am sure you could find some premade cut out leaves too.

Step #3

Start cutting out leaves for your child to glue on the wreath. I folded my construction paper as many times as I could, traced a leaf pattern, and then cut through the folded paper. This saved me a lot of time and cutting! I would say around twenty leaves or so would be a good number for this project.

Step #4

Prep your child’s craft area! I let my daughter work over a plastic table cloth and a wipe able place mat especially since glue is involved and if you value your table.

Step #5

Let the creating begin! I had my daughter glue all around the paper plate and then let her place the leaves in whatever way she wanted! She had a blast and we’ll be looking to make another wreath once the Christmas season is among us!