My Ultrasound a.k.a Owen Up Close & Personal

Where do I start? I had been anticipating my ultrasound since I knew I was pregnant with my second child. The week leading up to it and the day seemed to be slowest time has ever passed in history!

So I didn’t have too much time to think before my ultrasound let along get ready. Surprisingly I had fallen asleep and had no time whatsoever to do anything with my hair or put on makeup. I felt literally as groggily as I looked. And with five minutes on the clock to head out and drop my daughter off at my friends house for the next few hours I had to rush to get my bags together and redress my daughter whom was also just as asleep as I was.

I filled up my water bottle and started drinking all that water which I knew was going to cause such uncomfortableness in my body for the next hour or so.  To make things a little worse on that note, it was pouring rain when we left. Just my luck, a full bladder and nature against me!

We arrived at the Doctors on time and my husband was trying to make every possible crack that he could think of to make my full bladder situation worse. Why do husband’s think it’s hilarious to do that? I checked in, turned to my right to see pouring rain, turned to my left to see a little boy getting water, and well add that I had to keep sneezing… I know right? So I went to the restroom to blow my nose and the toilet was literally there to taunt me and guess what? I went because I was about to explode and it was really hard to only go a little bit but I knew it would help me not feel like I was going to absolutely pee my pants!

I had to wait about fifteen minutes before I saw the ultrasound tech. I knew it was going to be soon after seeing an extremely happy couple come out with baby girl pictures.  She was so happy because she thought she was going to have another little boy but got the girl she wanted after all. One very happy beaming mother and soon that was going to be me though I was settled on being happier whether I had gotten a girl or a boy, deep down I was hoping for a little boy.

The time was now mine to be seen! I was so happy knowing I’d be relieving my bladder more than I think I was to see my baby. And I know without a doubt that most moms probably feel this way at that time. I was so happy that after about 2-5 minutes of photos of my baby that ultrasound tech said I could relieve myself and I am glad it looked like my bladder was literally bigger than my baby!

I must brag and say I am very happy and blessed with my Doctor’s office and the ultrasound equipment that is being used. I know some mothers can’t always seen the monitor of the baby easily and with that being said makes all the poking and prodding of our bellies seem to feel that much more uncomfortable.  My husband and I had a monitor to look at of the baby straight in front of us. Our little one was squirming around in there eyes open and swallowing. It’s so neat to be able to see all that going on!

I don’t know if the ultrasound tech caught herself but before she actually pointed out the sex of our baby she referred to the baby as a HE. I later mentioned this to my husband and he didn’t even realize she had said it. Our little boy was not shy in the least bit in exposing himself… our tech called the boys part a tepee and a tripod? lol… Yes, quite amusing.

So the ultrasound tech found out the sex no problem, took plenty of pictures of the baby but there was set she was needing to get and our son would not cooperate! He had turned his back on the camera and was not to be bothered. This stubbornness resulted in a not so fun time for me. This was followed by me getting lain all the way down and sitting up quickly, rolling from side to side,  and pelvic thrusts ( yes you heard me right). None of that was working so she continued to push and prod on my stomach to get Owen to move. Yes it was uncomfortable and annoying. After about twenty minutes of that, he finally turned over long enough for her to get the photo she needed.  And then we were done. Thank God!

That was followed by my Doctor going over the results of the ultrasound which all look great. I am so happy for a healthy little boy and I can’t wait to meet him in person. 🙂

So tell me mommies, How was your ultrasound experiences?