God’s Promises for Women of Faith by Jack Countryman {Book Review}

God’s Promises for Women of Faith is a book I will constantly be coming back to. It’s  personally taken up a permanent place  right along side my Bible. How awesome that it’s small enough yet packed full of such big things that it can slip right inside my the outer pocket of my Bible cover!

You’ll find that this little book is packed with many powerful & encouraging scriptures that will bring many blessings and conviction to it’s reader.  This book is broken up into many parts by topics such as those that will encourage us to grow in our faith.  I especially loved the section of the book that features many well known woman of the Bible such as Ruth, Mary, Sarah, Hannah, and more.

This book is perfect for daily scripture readings or if you are looking for a quick reference on many topics such as contentment,  adversity, and resting in Him to name just a few.

At the end of this book their is a section for you to personally add scriptures that stand out to you and a place for prayer request.

I wouldn’t hesitate to purchase this book for a friend with no doubt that it would be cherished. I feel this book would make the perfect gift for women from young to old traveling in their own many different walks of life.

Disclaimer: I received a free copy of One Hand, Two Hands by Max Lucado from BookSneeze/Thomas Nelson Publisher for this review.

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