Fall Leaf and Handprint Collage

Looking for an easy to make craft to do with your toddler during the Autumn Season?
How about trying to make an Fall Leaf & Hand print Collage.

What You’ll Need:

1 Black Sheet of Construction Paper for the Background
A variety of leaves & hand print cutouts ( you are not limited to what you’d like your child’s collage to consist of…you can cut acorns, trees, and more!)
Scissors, Glue, Patience, and a more than willing Toddler!

Step #1

Take a black sheet of construction paper or whatever color you have on hand or would like your child’s collage to be on.

Step #2

Find a variety of leaf patterns or draw your own. I found some great ones to print out here or I am sure you could find some pre-made cut out leaves too.

Step #3

Trace your child’s hand prints and good luck with that. My daughter was pretty good about letting me trace her hand onto construction paper without any problems.  Then cut those hand prints out to let your child glue on his or her collage.

Step #4

Prep your child’s craft area! I let my daughter work over a plastic table cloth and a wipe able place mat especially since glue is involved and if you value your table.

Step #5

Let the creating begin! I had my daughter glue the leaves and hand prints in whatever way she wanted!