Diaper Buds {review}

My mom and I were discussing just this week about Thanksgiving plans and if I would be willing to fly from Oregon to Georgia to spend a week there. Unfortunately, I’m not making any plans on flying or traveling too far from home  in my third trimester of pregnancy. An unnerving feeling wells up inside of me, especially with my due date only being about a month into the future from Thanksgiving Day.

The recent conversation sparked the memory of traveling with my daughter by air when she was eight months old. And with that thought, I suddenly started contemplating what things I could have done differently to make the 8-10 hour flight much easier like lightning the load of our carry on baggage.

My good friend recently let me know about a product called DiaperBuds! What they are exactly is individually wrapped, vacuum-packed disposable diapers. They take up very little space in your diaper bag, suitcase, and you could even pocket a few depending on what size you’d need for your child.  These would have been much better than hauling a suitcase and diaper bag around full of space consuming diapers.

I personally got to try some of these diapers out for myself and they are pretty neat! Basically once you open the diapers from their packaging, they “bloom” into a regular size diaper, hence the name Diaper Buds.  These are awesome for any type of trip where you want to lighten your load a bit and are offered in sizes 2, 3, 4, and 5. A large bag of Diaper Buds is going to cost you 18.99 for 24 but note these aren’t meant to be used for everyday, just those special occasion trips when you would really need all the extra space you can get!

DiaperBuds is running a trial promotion right now: Pay $1, get two DiaperBuds to try with free shipping! Totally worth checking out!

Thank you to DiaperBuds for providing a product sample for review purposes.