22 1/2 Weeks Pregnant

Happily moving along in my second trimester. Thrilled with the weather lately. It’s been so nice and I am loving the opportunity to wear all my maternity clothes from my first pregnancy.

I finally got the oppurtunity to go through my little girls baby clothes to see if I had anything that I could use for Owen and I totally do! I am so glad I stuck with getting sleep sacks and a good amount of sleepers for my little girl in yellows, whites, and greens! God is so good and has provided many other items of clothes for our little boy from friends and neighbors.  Most if not all of my current baby items were either given to me or I came across them at an extremely reasonably priced at a church rummage sell, on Craigslist, or at our local Goodwill store. I have no problem whatsoever getting things second hand due to my nature of being a frugal mommy. 🙂