The Big Question is Boy or Girl…

Am I waiting till the end of nine months to find out the sex of my child? No, most certainly not, I really don’t think I could wait that long! I value being be prepared where I can, so knowing totally helps me with that especially since this is our second child.  We need to know if clothing wise all of our pink from our first born is going to get worn again or whether we’ll have to start collecting clothes for a little boy.

Last week seemed to go by very slow and to make things worse, my good friend who is week behind me in her second pregnancy found out the sex of her baby before me! I even tried to get a sooner ultrasound appointment but no luck. You can only guess how eager I am for tomorrow to get here!

I have been majorly nesting to get my house ready for our little arrival. Things kind of got out of hand and needed quite a bit of cleaning and reorganizing through out my first trimester.  I’ve finally felt energized and well enough to tackle it. This is why they say the second trimester is the best…we have more energy and feel well enough to almost be back to our normal un-pregnant selves.

The house looks great, I’ve started cleaning up our baby toys from our first pregnancy, I’ve put up the pack and play of which the baby will be sleeping in for awhile, washed blankets, wiped down our travel system, and more. I’m so happy I didn’t give any of our baby stuff away. I knew it wouldn’t have been long till we had another one and I know we are saving so much money especially since I stuck with getting lots of gender neutral gear with our first born daughter!

Time is ticking until my appointment and here’s to hoping my little one doesn’t hide from the camera and make me wait any longer. I’d like to start calling my baby a he or she instead of an it.