Second Base Camis {review}

I have a few shirts that I really like but have found  them to be a little too low cut once I received them. These were shirts and dresses I had purchased online and weren’t as true to fit on me as I thought they would be so I haven’t worn them out at all that is until I discovered Second Base, a one of a kind camisole made for the upper body!

Second Base offers are variety of camisoles in many colors and appealing styles.  I was able to review the Meredith camisole in white. I fell completely head over heals for this camisole. It fits comfortably and eliminates any unwanted immodesty when wearing certain tops and dresses.

I’m currently pregnant and another pro is that I don’t have to worry about layering with purchasing maternity tank tops. This camisole is perfect for when you are pregnant or not, totally versatile!

I found my camisole to wash and dry fantastically, and just so you know they are also made in the USA! I am looking forward to getting another style and color or two sometime in the future!

This is a fashion must have to add to your own collection of clothes and accessories! You can order Second Base demi camis on their website for around $30.00 each.

Special Discount code: Right now if you use the code  CONNECTED you can receive 15% off your order now till the end of September.