I’ve been getting a lot of this lately…

Being a mom of two year old can really be a challenge sometimes, especially when there are those sudden outburst of unwanted behavior over what seems to be the silliest things. My daughter turned two the end of May and though we don’t have horrible spouts of what some called the “Terrible Two’s” we are getting the wanting to be really independent behavior.  Who can blame a two year old really though? Little kids want to be like mom or dad or older children that the see and they get frustrated when they are held back not understanding what may or may not be good for them.

Let’s talk about talking back! My daughter loves to talk and if you ever met here you’d know she’s pretty smart and extremely vocal. Just yesterday my daughter was at the park with one of her playmates whom is also two and I over heard her telling her friend that they should scurry on over to the parks water feature, I kid you not. She was like look over there at the water, let’s go! I was honestly pondering if most two years olds would be persuading their friends to head off to some unknown and un allowed adventure.

I’m getting a lot of “That’s Mine Mommy,” & No uh uh. Two of the phrases I hate hearing the most lately! I mean she’s not screaming when she says them or throwing full body tantrums (thank goodness) but it’s still irritating! It was kind of cute at first but when I’m tired her sassy behavior begins to run thin.  She’s good most of the time but she has her moments and those moments are worse when she doesn’t get a nap each day too.

So how do I handle this behavior? Easy enough, I attempt to distract it and definitely make sure I keep my composure.  Say she is whining and pouting for a cookie, instead I offer her an apple. If she’s fleeing from me in the park, which is often I try to distract her by telling her to look for birds, etc.  I’m not always sure this will work but it has been for the most part.

This Summer we went to the Zoo for my daughter’s birthday. I was all excited because I knew she’d love it, or so I thought. How was our trip? Well, it didn’t go quite like I imagined it would. My daughter has a firm dislike for her stroller. And I would have normally let her walk but the zoo was really crowded that day. I have oddles of pictures of her not being happy at the zoo just because she wanted to be able to walk about instead of ride in the stroller. Isn’t wasn’t the best trip to the zoo but later after she had napped, she was all smiles and giggles at a Pump it up Birthday Party. So the day wasn’t all bad but we didn’t give in to taking her out of her stroller at the zoo she knew that’s where she was to be,  whether she was was grinning or being grumpy.  Parents just know not to take it personally because at the time I was really letting it get me down and feeling bad she wasn’t enjoying herself.

I know never to give in to bad behavior! If you do, you are letting your kid know that anytime they act out that they’ll get what they want! Parents have to be strong in letting their kids know that inappropriate behavior will not yield any sort of good results! It’s not always going to be easy believe me I know and I also know more now than ever not to take it too personally. Kids are just wanting to test their limits of Independence.

I know in the years to come I’ll still get this sort of behavior but I am hoping instilling rules now and being eye to eye with my husband on certain disciplinary procedures that things will keep paced.  We haven’t got the Why Can’t I do this or that just yet and praying God gives us the wisdom to say because I said so and that’s that.