Adorable Sealife Designs

I’m so happy to have been able to find the time to draw again. It has honestly been way too long since I’ve been illustrating that I’m quite ashamed that I’ve let my God given talent and passion slip out of my own hands over being consumed with other less important things that I let blindly consume my daily schedule. These certain things were effecting my own well being not to mention some of the effects that  it was having on my family life as well. Never again, I hope to say. I find such joy in being creative.

The two illustrations above I created this morning/afternoon and I am extremely happy with them. I am working on Sealife line to go along with my already created Safari animal line which can be found on my Zazzle site.  I’m planning on drawing dolphins, seahorses, whales,  and many more well loved ocean animals. If there’s one you really would love to see, feel free to leave a comment and let me know!

As with my safari line, I also plan to create numerous  invites for those who plan on throwing a ocean themed get- togethers. I may even use them for my own baby shower this go around. Excited that I only have to wait four more weeks to find out if I’ll be having a little boy or girl!