Riddex® Plus {review}

When I was a child, I lived in numerous places and some of those places we had a few unexpected guest that also wanted to take up residence with us.  Having rodents in our home was really stressful and it was never fun or desirable to put out mouse traps or harmful poison to rid our homes of unwanted rodents. This was also a hazard with having small children around.

It pleases me to know that there are products on the market now like Riddex that completely drives unwanted Rodents out of your home without the use of any toxic pesticides.  It’s a very easy to use product as well, you just plug it and it does the rest using new Electromagnetic Technology to drive rodents away without killing them!

Riddex® Plus has been so successful removing pests for the past 12 years that over 3 million have been sold. One Riddex® Plus protects up to 2000sq. ft. or one level of a typical house, condominium or apartment.

Riddex Plus is sold in a Set of 2 and retails for $29.99. If you are having any rodent problems, I would highly recommend checking out this product after personally reading so many awesome testimonials on it!

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