Peace Like A River

On Friday, my daughter (23 months old) came down with a stomach bug. From noon to about 10:30pm that night, she threw up everything in her system and everything she ate. It was horrible for me as  she laid on the couch or in my arms  staring off into nowhere and constantly dry heaving.  She did learn to throw up in her little sand bucket when she had too and that saved our carpet and everything else. When she got up, she’d carry it along with her. It was so sad. I felt helpless as a mommy. I could only do so much to try to make sure she was hydrated and try to get her to eat a little something.

I mainly was worried because I didn’t know how bad this could’ve been especially since she takes medication for her hypothyroidism and I needed to make sure that was being absorbed into her system. I prayed and asked everyone else I knew to pray for her as well. She was back to normal in the morning with no signs of the day before left in her system. I thank God whatever it was passed and the knowledge and basic nohow that my mom taught me growing up in keeping a level head and knowing what to do in that certain situation. Love you Mom!