In which what could have been treated sooner…

Why is it as I get older think I can hold off on I don’t know proper medical care until it’s starts getting ugly? Well, do you remember those so called bedbugs, spider bites, or whatever it was I mentioned a few weeks ago? Well, it got a lot worse before I actually decided to be seen by a professional.

I went in to the critical care unit last week because as seemingly un-painful ( I told myself this) as it was, it got worse, a lot worse. The so called skin ailment, had spread across my chest up and down my under arm area and over my back.  It was quite inflamed and extremely itchy…any sort of anti-itch cream wasn’t cutting it anymore.

The Doctor told me I had an extremely bad Tinea/Ringworm infection that was probably caused by our previously owned kitty cat. I was given a strong prescription medication and told to stay on it for two weeks time. I’m currently still on the meds right now and it seems like my infection is starting to go away and it isn’t spreading which is a true blessing despite not being my total self.

…And to top it all off, I now have another cold..sore through, the works. I’m ready for the warmer weather and ready to be well over all of these physical ailments.

I’ve a blog birthday bash to put together for my daughter’s second birthday that’s in about three weeks and a birthday party/zoo trip to plan.  Can I have a vacation from my problems? lol