Guess What…?

So we are pregnant with our second child! I’m pretty excited and very happy to have found out this news. Melody who is almost two years old is going to make a great big sister! I’m only about five weeks right now, so no horrific nausea like last time has kicked in yet and with any luck, I’m sure hoping it doesn’t.

I’ll get to see my Doctor and listen to theΒ  heartbeat and see baby’s first picture too with ultrasound in a few more weeks. I can’t wait! Can you believe I already have names chosen if it’s a boy or a girl? lol…

I’m mentally making lists in my head of what we need to have and do before baby gets here. I really do like to be prepared in every which way that I can. It just makes the transition that much easier. I’m also pretty excited about all the companies that I’ve contacted and that have contacted me in wanting to be featured during June and July to kick off my second pregnancy celebration here on my blog, so be on the look out for that!

Oh, I’ll also be updating “…And Then There Was Another”Β  a blog created for my second child with updates on my pregnancy.Β  Though, I’ll be sure to also post a snippet here when it’s updated.